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Say Hello to your * New Fave* lashes!

$99 - 1 Hour - Volume Light

Love the Demi-Whispy strip lash look? We do too!

So we took our clients' most requested layout and turned it into a service.

Length of lashes can be customized to your PREFERENCE.

Reserve your appointment today!


Just as your eye color is unique to you, so are your eyelashes. At Flirt Lash Bar, our Lash Artists will help you create your personal eyelash extensions look-from  fine and feathery to thick and glam and everything in between. Let us help you bring out your best look! 

Every lash appointment begins with a client consultation with your Lash Artist to decide the style you wish to achieve while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes. We offer a wide variety of lash lengths, curls and diameters as well as lash accents of various colors and glitters!  All Flirt Lash Bar Lash Artists are fully licensed and certified, and receive ongoing training to stay on top of the newest products and techniques in the lash industry.  

Every lash appointment ends with a review of lash aftercare to ensure that your lashes stay strong and healthy! New lash clients receive a complimentary aftercare kit with sample cleanser, lash combs and aftercare instructions,. We offer a variety of aftercare products and cosmetics specifically designed to be used with eyelash extensions - lash washes, makeup wipes, lash conditioners, eyelash extension safe eyeliners and sealants.  


** service durations are estimates and may vary based on artist **



Appointments can be reserved online 24-7. Choose the perfect date and time for you! 

**IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN OPENING ON A PARTICULAR DAY YOU'D PREFER TO COME IN PLEASE CALL or TEXT US AT 562-444-5274. We may be able to move things around scheduling permitting!

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A few gentle reminders:

FILLS 50% of a full classic or volume set remaining is required for all fills, classic or volume. Lash fills are for current clients only. Please schedule a new set if you are a new client! We do not work over other salon's work so you will be charged for removal and the new set if you arrive with old extensions..LIGHT SETS are not eligible for fills and typically last 10-14 days. It is highly recommended that new clients start with full sets until they know what their unique retention rate will be.

 *** please read below for appointment prep and cancellation information ***

looking for gift certificates?

Just scroll down to the Gift Certificate section at the bottom of the page to start creating your own personalized gift certificate! For purchases on Mobile Devices, click HERE. Gift Certificates can be emailed directly to your recipient or you can print it out if you wish to deliver it in person, Lashes do make Thee Best gifts!!


Appointments may be changed by type, cancelled or re-scheduled a minimum of 24 hrs prior to the appointment time;

Appointments cancelled less than 24 hrs prior to the appointment and no-shows may be charged 100% the price of the service.  Failure to provide 24hr notice may result in denial of future service requests.

Late appointments are considered cancelled at 10 mins past the appointment time AND WILL BE CHARGED FULL SERVICE PRICE.

Appointments made less than 24 hrs from the service are not exempt from this policy. A VALID credit card is required to reserve an appointment. Your card will not be charged at that time AND YOU MAY PAY WITH CASH AT CHECKOUT IF YOU PREFER

 if you make an appointment for a new set  or a fill and arrive with existing extensions from another salon you will be charged for both a removal anD A new set. the time it takes for removal could decrease the available time to put on the new extensions.

 If you are UNDER 18 you must bring a parent with you to sign consent or your appointment will be cancelled and charged.


How Do I Prepare for My Appointment?

** NEW CLIENTS: Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time for orientation.

** PREP INSTRUCTIONS: No eye makeup, liner mascara or shadow may be worn. Contacts must taken out during application, can be put back in after. Do not consume caffeine or energy products prior to a lash service.

** PARKING: 2 hour parking is available on Atlantic. If your appointment is for a full or volume set please park in the neighborhood behind the salon.


Create your own personalized gift certificate! For purchases on Mobile Devices, click HERE. Gift Certificates can be emailed directly to your recipient or you can print it out if you wish to deliver it in person, Lashes do make Thee Best gifts!!

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Make yourself at home

Located in the beautiful Bixby Knolls neighborhood in the the heart of Uptown Long Beach, California, Flirt Lash Bar is a calm and relaxing space where "lash naps" in our plush recliners are always in style!

Tour of Flirt Lash Bar Eyelash Extension Studio in Bixby Knolls, Long Beach CA. Flirt offers Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions. Visit to reserve your appointment today!  Photo-Video by





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** Please call prior to walking in to purchase products, make appointments or leave deposits to ensure we have adequate staff available to assist you! **



Feel the lash love

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Over time my lashes had become really thin and sparse. Coupled that with a demanding work/commute schedule and being mommy to a 3yr old and 5 yr old, people were asking me if I was tired or angry. Yay ughhh.. I wasn't sure if eyelash extensions were for me since I really don't wear much makeup but my sister had been wearing them for over a year and her natural lashes were longer and stronger than before. AND they made her look super bright-eyed and refreshed so I thought I'd give it a try.

I  spoke with my artist about my concerns - I didn't want the lashes to look too "fake". or damage my lashes even further. We opted to go for a set of very fine, soft lashes doubled up to add extra fullness. I've been wearing them continuously for over two years and just like my sister's lashes, my natural lashes are stronger and fuller than they've been in years! Learning how to properly care for my lashes made a huge difference and the time it saves me from doing makeup each day is priceless!



I decided to get eyelash extensions for my wedding and it was one of the best wedding decisions I made!! We did a full set about 3 weeks before the wedding to make sure that I loved them, then a touch up a few days before the wedding. They looked amazing in my photos and with all of the pre-wedding and post-wedding dinners and brunches it was perfect that I didn't really have to worry about doing a ton of makeup running on little sleep.

Once the wedding madness calmed down, I figured I'd go back to just regular makeup but-to be honest- I had them off for two weeks and went right back in for another set. I can't imagine how I ever went without them- they are so easy to wear!

Sydnie beach lashes.jpg


My natural lashes are long and dark, but like typical Asian lashes (I'm half) they have absolutely no curl and stick straight down! Whether I'm at the beach (like in this photo!) or running to a client meeting on the west side, I love that my eyelash extensions give me a pretty look without having to mess with makeup and lash curlers.

I usually wear a light set of classic lashes - they enhance the lashes I already have without overpowering my face. I'm all about proper aftercare, so some of my partial sets have lasted well over a month! I get them redone every 3-4 weeks so it comes out to about only $25 a week to not have to wear makeup! Plus, my boyfriend is constantly commenting now on how adorable I look first thing in the morning! Seriously. Love. My. Lashes.